To Look Upward. One Flight Instructor’s Journey

Rob Mixon
170 pp.
True Adventure

To Look Upward: One Flight Instructors Journey is a book of real life experience. It is a spiritual journey transcending the worlds of accomplishment, failure and even abuse. The experience of more than 20,000 hours as a Certified Flight Instructor are woven into the combination of students with a Higher power making the difference between life and death. Early history of Pan American World Airways and early Miami, Florida is also a part of this writing polished in a true story. An epileptic student frozen onto the controls of the airplane during flight instruction, a 16 year old boy crashing his sailboat into a bridge and being rescued by a person who was not physically there, the adventures of learning by experience being the best teacher are all a part of To Look Upward: One Flight Instructors Journey.

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