BookCrash Book Review Program

Are you a Christian blogger? You can receive FREE copies of BookCrash books!

In exchange for a review copy of the book, you must agree to read the book and post a 200-word review on your blog and on at least one consumer retail website.

How Does It Work? It’s Easy!

Browse through the available titles from small, vibrant Christian presses.

Once you see something you like, submit a request for that book, and it will be sent to you by the publisher.

Post a review of the book on your blog and on one other popular online bookstore or review site.

Let us know when you post your review, so we can log it in. Request another book whenever you like!

There’s no cost to you, just a steady influx of new and exciting titles that come as fast as you can review them! Better yet, BookCrash (and likely the publisher as well) will link to your blog, which will improve your ranking in search engines, creating more traffic for you.

Read books you like—spout your opinion—get more readers—it’s a blogger’s dream!

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